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Complete the insurance activation for your free 10/14 day insurance cover for your new bike*

When you purchase a new cycle via bikeZaar we will provide FREE accidental damage cover for your cycle up to a specified value of £25,000. Therefore, from the moment you own your new cycle, you can have 10/14-days  cover against sudden and unintentional physical damage to your new purchase.

To commence the cover you must complete the activation form below and we will in-turn register your cycle and arrange for cover to be issued.

By submitting the 10/14-day insurance activation form, you consent that your information will be shared with bikeZaar and any third-parties in relation to the insurance.

*The free insurance is only valid 10/14 days from the start date that you specify in the ‘Start Date’ field on this page. If you do not know the Start Date yet, leave the field blank and call us on 0330 0529991 when you are ready to activate the policy, which must commence no later than when you collect or receive the bike. The free 10/14 day insurance will not apply on any bikes not supplied via bikeZaar or if your permanent residency is not within the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland).

Questions marked with an asterisk (*)  are required.

Personal Information

Bike Information

Start Date


  • I am a UK resident
  •  I have not made any cycling claims or suffered any loss or damage subject to any liability proceedings for more than £5000 in the last 12 months or more than two cycling related claims in the last three years.
  •  I have never been convicted of, or cautioned, or charged but not yet tried with any criminal offence (other than motoring offences)
  •  I have never had any insurance refused, cancelled, declined, declared void or had any special terms imposed by the insurer
  •  I have never had any undischarged bankruptcy orders, am not subject to any bankruptcy proceedings, or had any County Court Judgement (CCJ) registered against me
By sending this form, you agree to the above declaration and confirm you meet the requirements of this insurance.

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